Glastonbury waste collection changes

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By NickCaterSWP | Thursday, December 27, 2012, 16:05

Glastonbury families are being urged not to miss their Christmas week kerbside recycling collection to avoid having excess waste next week.


With no collections on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, the rest of this week's pick-ups are two days' later: usual Tuesday collection will take place today, Wednesday's on Friday, with Thursday's pick-ups on Saturday 29 and Friday's on Sunday 30 December.

All recycling sites are open on their usual schedule, except for shutting at 4pm on Monday 31 December and closing on New Year's Day.


At Viridor, which operates Somerset's recycling sites, regional manager Patrick Murray said: "As well as Christmas trees, we can recycle 32 items at the 18 recycling centres across Somerset.


"Bring them down to your local recycling centre so they can be transformed into new materials and products."


Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) managing director Steve Read said: "Check when your pick-up is due so you do not end up with two weeks' recycling next time.


"And please try to roughly segregate the contents of your recycling boxes to help crews collect as much as possible at their busiest time of year."


Among SWP's top recycling tips:

  • Help collection crews by spreading extra items over a couple of weeks or more and keeping materials separated in recycling boxes.
  • It is best to save cards and wrapping paper for reuse. Otherwise, recycle these with cardboard, but not if printed on plastic or foil.
  • Take large quantities of cardboard to recycling sites and combine the trip by taking other items, such as natural Christmas trees for composting.
  • Include paper kitchen towel with food waste – including turkey carcasses – for recycling.
  • Rinse bottles and cans, take tops off, ensure aerosols are empty, flatten card, scrunch up aluminium foil, and keep textiles dry in bags (not black sacks).

If you have woken up to a festive waste hangover, with a fridge full of leftovers and a bulging rubbish bin, there is no need to rush to your local landfill site as almost everything can be reused or recycled:

  • Food – freeze or re-use leftovers; compost sprout and other peelings or recycle with other food waste.
  • Cards and wrapping – save cards for gift-tags; reuse wrapping paper or recycle with card at the kerbside.
  • Decorations – compost anything green, from mistletoe to your real tree.
  • Unwanted gifts – give away to charity or through online networks, or sell them on.
  • If you replaced TVs, white goods or furniture for Christmas, offer working items in good condition to Somerset's reuse groups.

For more on reuse and recycling, including all festive changes, check:



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    Whey-hey ! This gets freakier and freakier !

    For the last three years the lid has been falling off my big household refuse bin -- it's the weakest part of the whole system (the little hinge studs that keep the lid from falling off are the first part of the bin to fail -- I've tried ringing the manufacturers to get replacement studs, but they just ignore people like me.

    So guess what ?
    I take the big bin out tonight, and do you know, some kind person has at some point this week replaced both studs, so I have a perfect working bin again -- and no danger of losing the lid.

    Thank you again, whoever.

    [But if this is aubtle plot to make me feel guilty about preferring the local rhynes to paying out *hideously* over-bloated fees to use the recycling depot, it ain't gonna work.]

    By martinwheeler at 00:54 on 10/01/13

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    I followed the link, and ordered a new (replacement) box.

    This morning appeared on my doorstep a nice new shiny black box.

    No note through the door, no fuss, no warning, no nothing.
    Just a nice new shiny box.

    So thanks, whoever.

    By martinwheeler at 17:21 on 08/01/13

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    Customers can now order new or replacement recycling containers online.

    Full details here:

    Replacement refuse and garden waste bins can be ordered through your district council customer services. In Mendip, their contact details are: 01749 648999 or


    Somerset Waste Partnership

    By NickCaterSWP at 10:32 on 02/01/13

  • Profile image for NiceGuyKoresh

    Just nick one....I found one neatly tucked neatly away somewhere. Failing that email and they'll arrange a free replacement.

    By NiceGuyKoresh at 18:30 on 01/01/13

  • Profile image for martinwheeler

    Last Saturday, my 'black box' recycling bin, tucked neatly behind the large waste bin when put out, was not returned to me.
    (Did it blow away in the winds, maybe ?)
    If it did, no-one so far has returned it to me.

    So where do I get a new one for free ?

    By martinwheeler at 17:13 on 01/01/13

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