Let us celebrate committed Lesbian & Gay relationships in Our Churches

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By DorothyFreud | Sunday, January 22, 2012, 01:37

Many people will have heard and welcomed that the Government

recently brought in new regulations that permit Civil Partnerships (the

official name for the current form of Gay Marriage) to be registered in

religious premises. However, it also specified that no such regstrations could

take place in any Church of England building unless the central authorities

(the "General Synod") first gives its permission; in other words the whole of

the C of E must agree before any individual congregation will be allowed to

welcome Gay and Lesbian couples.


Do people agree with me that we should be sending a strong

message to "the General Synod" that we want to be able to celebrate these

relationships in the same way as we do straight ones?


The government will soon be "upping the anti" on this issue

with the consultation on fully equal Marriage, due to begin in March, with the personal

commitment of  PM, David Cameron.


I know the C of E is very slow in catching up with the rest

of society and at present still rejects gay and lesbians (at least those who

are honest about their sexuality). And the nastiest elements in the Church go a

lot further than that.


But St John's and St Benedict's are OUR common inheritance,

not the property of the General Synod. Let us make our wishes clear this Sunday

and perhaps the Church will listen to our wishes.



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    DanielVincent - Quite a few newspapers were reporting yesterday that there were a large number of London clergy who had written a letter demanding that the General Synod, the Church's parliament, allow priests to hold ceremonies for same-sex couples in their churches.

    I also would like to ask DanielVincent whether his CofE chrurch in Glastonbury should join in this demand?

    By kelly_wake at 05:45 on 03/02/12

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    The welcome will always be there. I did not say I was not sure if the other members would also welcome you, I am sure they will. I merely said that I was not able to speak on there behalf to answer the question you posed:

    "Can I ask, tentatively, whether the minister and present congregation at St B's are in fact wholly accepting of same sex partnerships in there fullest sense?"

    I'm also not sure where you are being asked to leave it at the door? In fact the General Synod debated and passed the following motion in 2007:

    (d) affirm that homosexual orientation in itself is no bar to a faithful Christian life or to full participation in lay and ordained ministry in the Church and acknowledge the importance of lesbian and gay members of the Church of England participating in the listening process as full members of the Church.'

    As I said the offer is there, I will leave this with you now to decide if you wish to be welcomed :)

    By Millstream Bed and Breakfast at 08:21 on 28/01/12

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    With church attendances as poor as they often are now I'd assume the CofE would want to encourage as many as possible to attend.

    There are plenty of homosexual Christians in the UK, and a recent small survey by the LGB&T Anglican Coalition found that nearly 100 CofE churches across the UK would be interested in exploring the opportunity of same sex civil partnerships if allowed.

    It could therefore be argued that the small Parish churches do not therefore necessarily show the narrowminded attitude of the General Synod.

    I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable in attending a church in Glastonbury if it was against same sex marriages and merely suggested I leave a large part of myself at the door for the time I chose to be there.

    By Cydertron at 10:37 on 27/01/12

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    Hello Daniel

    I'm sorry to find that your answer is very much as I might have feared.

    My relationship with my partner is over half a century old, body and soul it is at the hear of my being. And yet the Church leadership would you have me metaphorically leave In at the door along with my umbrella. In continuing to deny our relationships the Church leadership denies our very humanity.

    I appreciate that you are personally offering me a welcome. And yet you are not even sure whether yopur minister or others in the congregation would share in that.

    You say that the issue of marriage is up to the C of E. In making my initial posting I was seeking to make the point that what we do in our loccal churches should be up to us. We should take responsibility for our own actions and bring pressure to bear on the far away \9and unelected) authorities.

    Very sadly it is only the Churches that stand out against the rest of society on this issue. Everybody else more or less accepts the humanity and equality of lesbian and gay people. Homophobia (or the denial that homosexuality really exists) is no different from racism or anti-semitism. At a time when everyine else has moved on, for the Churches to make it an article of faith to exclude and discriminate and condemn one set of people is shameful. It is certainly not my understanding of Christianity.

    By DorothyFreud at 01:00 on 27/01/12

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    Hi Dorothy,

    Sorry for the delay, I did not get notified of your reply!

    I'm afraid I'm in no position to answer your question, I can only represent myself.

    I think it is important to separate the issue of marriage and church attendance. You would be welcomed into our church as would anybody else who wanted to attend. Will you be getting married there anytime soon... I suspect not but that direction will come from the C of E.

    As with many things in life fear can cause us to miss out on very fulfilling activities. If you have or are seeking faith then I would suggest you give us a chance :)


    By Millstream Bed and Breakfast at 22:50 on 26/01/12

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