Whey-hey the Council !

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By martinwheeler | Saturday, September 24, 2011, 22:51

The following text is reproduced from the Speak Up for Glastonbury

website [http://avalonit.net/SU4G/]


Whey-hey the Council !

Well, they couldn't have done better could they ?

I mean -- as an example of how to make a perfect dog's breakfast of an inanely simple task, the Council's total cock-up over the local Tesco planning application really ought to win prizes internationally.

The electorate was divided into roughly three different points of view on this application.

* The highly vocal minority of town antis who oppose anything new on principle (incomers, to a man);

* those who thought it was a good idea to have a large Tesco in town;

* and those who really couldn't care less either way.

Apart from the first group, should be fairly easy to please, right ?

Well, actually -- no.  The Council has managed to infuriate beyond belief all three groups.

The first, because they have allowed Tesco to go ahead -- albeit with a reduced programme of faciliities on offer.

The second group, because although they welcomed a Tesco store in town, were expecting super-store facilities -- with restaurant; sales of office stationery etc.; pharmacy; and large free parking area.  The amended plans passed by the Council mean that none of these will in fact be available to the townspeople on this site.  All we get now is a bog-standard food and household goods store with limited parking space.

And the third group ?  They simply cannot believe the Council's pusillanimous incompetence in losing the £70,000 blood-money originally offered to the town by Tesco to offset any disruption caused by implementing their first plan.

So in one single action, the Council has managed to alienate */everyone/* in town on this subject.

If it weren't so tragic. it would be classically comic.

But nobody's laughing.  (Except Tesco.)

What will the Council do for a follow-up demonstration of utter incompetence in taking care of the townspeople's interests, I wonder ?



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    They won't close the Tesco's at Street in the next five years my a**. It will be gone within two. Remember the Cadbury factory? The firm who took over that said they would keep it open and a few months later closed it.

    By sexualdevil at 19:40 on 26/11/12

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    I cannot believe how badly the council has mishandled the whole sorry affair. The Planning Department at Mendip is a joke, it's in total disarray and a total fiasco. Planning applications aren't getting dealt with in a timely fashion, and when they are processed things like this happen. Idiots.

    Don't forget £70,000 was due to go Street's way too, but all they get is the promise that Tesco will not close the store in the Crispin Centre for 5 years.

    By Cydertron at 23:26 on 24/09/11

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