Glastonbury Tor UFO Caught On Camera?

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By stonesthrow | Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 10:47

A strange

phenomena over Glastonbury Tor has been captured on camera by two Glastonbury based business women who were walking

their dogs at the foot of the famous landmark.

Cath Gray and

Tracy Jones who run the Glastonbury DogWalkers and Pet Care Services, were out

taking photos in August this year to use as promotion images for their website,

when they noticed a strange shape within one of their snaps. Using a digital

camera, the image had been captured within a series of three shots, taken in

quick succession of one of their dogs with the Tor behind. When Cath and Tracy

reviewed the images at a later date, they noticed that the second of the three

shots, contained a highly unusual and unexplained dark mass which neither of

them could attribute to anything they had witnessed.

Cath Gray

explained that they were at a loss as to what it could have bee

"It wass definitely

weird, because it appears to be something large moving behind the Tor, and not

in front of the camera lens. There was nothing there that day that it could

have been. The photos were taken within seconds of each other, and in the first

and third shot, there is clearly nothing there"

One possibility

is that it could be an image of Earth Energies, a strong electromagnetic field,

which cannot be seen by the naked eye, but some believe this strange dark shape

is definitely something paranormal.

Glastonbury is well known for sightings of UFO™s and paranormal

activity, and reports of strange phenomena have been reported over Glastonbury

Tor, the town and the festival site.

You can view all

three images taken by Cath and Tracy (larger and more clear) and read their blog of the incident by

visiting the Glastonbury DogWalkers website here.

What do you think

the image could be? Do you believe it could be a UFO or another mysterious

paranormal occurrence? Let us know what you think.

Photo with kind permission of Cath Gray and Tracy Jones

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    Update - Cath and Tracy have posted the latest update on their website:
    UFO researcher George Wingfield, now resident in
    the US, has just written these comments:

    “That’s not a skyfish, UFO or a streak of New Age
    earth energy over the Tor! The answer is far more mundane. I’m
    99% sure that it’s a bird flying swiftly across the field of the
    camera probably no more than about 10 – 15 feet away. If you
    look closely you can see what appear to be faint images of
    raised wings at the beginning (left) and end (right) of its
    flight path. I’d guess it was a pigeon.

    There is no reason for thinking this streak is behind the top of
    the Tor at a considerable distance from the camera. If it is
    about ten feet away, flying at, say, 60 mph (88 feet per sec) it
    would move about 9 feet in a tenth of a second. I suggest that
    on a dark day – which this appears to be – the automatically set
    exposure time might be about that.

    Visit their site and see more:


    By stonesthrow at 11:27 on 02/12/10

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    I can clear this up right away with no bother. It was a group of hippies the other side of the Tor smoking grass. It has the impession of passing clouds before they pass out.

    By sexualdevil at 15:57 on 16/11/10

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