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Groups VictorMildew Created


    General Election 2010

    Barring exceptional circumstances the next United Kingdom general election is due to take place on or before 3 June 2010. Let's discuss it here.

    13 members


    Glastonbury Gripes

    I love Glastonbury, otherwise I wouldn't have lived here for 73 years. Alas things antagonise and annoy me. Feel the same, get it off your chest here.

    45 members


Groups VictorMildew Joined

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    Glastonbury Festival

    Best festival in the world or major pain in the bypass when the traffic causes chaos? Got a 'Glastonbury Moment' to share? Good advice? Spill!

    102 members

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    Glastonbury Carnival

    Member of a carnival club, groupie and die-hard spectator or avoid it like the plague? Share your thoughts here!

    50 members

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    Glastonbury Gardens

    Greenfingered Glastonians! (Com)post your gardening tips and sow the seeds of discussion whether it's a garden, allotment or plant pots you nurture.

    59 members

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    Glastonbury Food & Drink

    Where's best for the morning latte and evening pint? Which eatery tickles your tastebuds? Got some recipes to share? Come and whet your appetite here

    91 members

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    Glastonbury Gigs and Music (Scene and heard)

    Besides the Festival there is a burgeoning music scene in and around Glastonbury; if you've seen or heard a band you liked, then tell us all about it!

    100 members

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